View the tapes / Europe Travels thru Burston's lens

So, some of the RAZORS team are currently travelling around Europe on a skate frenzied adventure.  Here is a load of random clips and a load of banging tricks for you lot to feast your eyes on from the lads smashing it up in Germany....and 1 short stop in Prague....and a little summer clash too.

Big thanks to Marco for being a generally sick guy and hooking everything up!
Big up Buck for being a G!
Big up Darling Cabaret....haha!

Yuri Botelho
Josh Glowicki
Jon Fromm
Carson Starnes
Alex Burston
Scott Quinn
and James Bower with a little hit.

Filmed By Alex Burston, Josh Glowiki, Carson Starnes Scott Quinn and one clip filmed by Connaire Skerritt.

Edited by Alex Burston

Camera, Old one.

Geoff Acers Wednesday, July 9, 2014