Unit 23 Unders | Contest Standings

Chaz Sands and Scott Quinn, in association with Unit23 Skatepark, are doing big things for the younger generation of blading.  They've been teaching camps and holding comps at their local park and really building the scene and supporting the next generation of blading talent.  Here are the results from the last competion they held, The Unit23 Unders.

Under 10s
1st Reuben colins (pictured)
2nd Adam Muir
3rd Aelrid Mckay (only girl in the comp)
Under 13s
1st John Mcewan
2nd Charlie Higgins
3rd Steven Morrison 
Under 16s
1st Jack Mckell (razors youngblood rider)
2nd Chris Brass
3rd Sammy Garland

Geoff Acers Monday, June 17, 2013