Spartak Alemasov has been a core part of our team for many years now, constantly showing hunger for big tricks and will to develop our sport and bring it to masses. We proudly present you his 2012 profile edited by Kirill Galushko and the interview about Spartak's involvement in the industry with his skateshop KARTEL'  in Siberia.

Full name: Spartak Alemasov
Age: 26
Skating since: 2001
Hometown: Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

Top-5 of your personal blading moments?

1. The day I entered the skatepark first time in my life and saw all those people on blades
2. Filming my first skate-clip
3. Placing first on the contest for the first time
4. Visiting Moscow competition for the first time
5. Getting sponsorship

5 random things on your desk at the office?

2. GoPro
3. Headphones
4. Small copy of Honda Nsx (reduced size model)
5. Telephone

Songs that get you hyped to blade?
Mostly hip-hop

How important are local distributors/shops for the blading scene?
Local shops are the base for everything: from availabiliy of the product and organization of contests to the development of talented perspective riders! You can say that local shops actually see the whole situation in blading from the inside.

How is involvement of younger skaters in blading important for our future?
New, young generation is what makes any industry exist and grow. All our existence is based on giving your experience to the next generation, and it's pretty much the same for blading.

Words of advice to any of those looking to open up a blade shop?
First of all, you have to decide what are you trying to achieve by opening the skateshop. If you're trying to get dat Bill Gates money, then I advice you to do something else. You should have the will to develop our sport and bring it to the masses.

We thank Spartak for this interview and hope to see more from him in the year 2013. Stay tuned for more articles on RazorSkate dot com!

Boris Tuesday, March 5, 2013