Razors Tapes Duluth, MN

Jeph Howard an Shane McClay took several trips up to a special town in northern Minnesota called Duluth to film a special piece all in this one city. A beautiful city built on a bluff with endless skate spots and even more weirdos to go along with it. 5 separate trips, 1500 miles, 8 tanks of gas, two VX's and a couple fresh pairs of the new Scott Quinn skates they were able to smash this piece out!

15 Minutes of great skating and a ton of extra stuff you expect from the Razors Tapes Chapters.

It only seemed fitting to use all Bob Dylan since this is the town he is from.


Shane McClay
Jeph Howard
Kevin Meland
Wilson Robinson

Jeph Howard

Bob Dylan - On the Road Again
Outlaw Blues
Highway 61 Revisited
Just like Tom Thumb's Blues

Geoff Acers Wednesday, June 24, 2015