Q&A with Stefan Brandow | Pittsburgh, PA

Stefan has been representing our brand back east for a good amount of time now.  Fully dedicated to blading, he's constantly producing edits and interviews, working with various companies assisting with graphic design, all while running his own clothing label, Lumen.  I've really only met the dude once or twice in passing, but we keep a pretty friendly email chat going.  In effort to get to know him a bit better, I felt like I should ask him some random shit, so here goes:

2004 AOL Instant Messenger convo? Haha. 25, male, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Top 5 Sports teams?
1. New York Knicks
2. Pittsburgh Penguins
3. Charlotte Hornets (Bye bye Bobcats!)
4. New York Knicks (no thats not a typo. I just really love the Knicks.)
5. Los Angeles Clippers

AO Top porn - Photo Dave Dinuzzo

Boxers or briefs, and why?
H&M David Beckham boxer briefs. Cause I'm a classy broad.

Stale Grab - Photo Dave Dinuzzo

Top 5 reasons to move to Pittsburgh?
1. The views and the scenery. I haven't been anywhere else that looks anything like Pittsburgh. The buildings downtown, the 3 rivers, the 446 bridges in the city (the most of any city in the world.) It's truly a unique place.
2. Awesome food scene. Everything from fancy restaurants, to hole in the wall dives, there's something for everyone. Don't get caught in the tourist trap food spots either. Fries on a sandwich really aren't all that cool or tasty. If you're here check out Burgatory, Fuel & Fuddle, Peppi's, or Fat Heads.
3. Festivals and events all year round.
4. There's almost every type of professional, amateur, and college sports team here all competing on championship levels.
5. Lots of creative and gritty skate spots in massive abundance. I've never been anywhere that has so many untouched spots in so many areas. We find new spots every time we go out, even in well skated areas.

Top 5 reason not to move to Pittsburgh?
Some people may hate the horrible 4pm-7pm rush hour traffic or the cold winters, but that shouldn't stop anyone from moving or visiting here. It's amazing.

Phillips 66 - Photo Dave Dinuzzo

Bagels or Toast?
Bagels. I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with bagels.

What's new with Lumen?
The new Summer line should be here in about a week. 4 new designs on both tees and tanks, and a really dope floral 5 panel. Fall release is going to be huge. Snapbacks, more 5 panels, some really unique tops and even some denim.
If you want to stay updated, check out

Portrait - Photo Dave Dinuzzo

Yes please. Iced only. Caramel helps. Not too sweet.

Acid 3 out - Photo Michelle Gerard

Given everyone's sad view on the direction of blading...if you do a soul grind on an unwaxed curb in the forest, and no one is around to see it, does it make a sound?
I've said it before and I'll say it again. There's a difference between taking things TOO seriously, and being professional. There’s also a big difference between being real and blindly hating. Bladers and companies need to start doing things right, but have fun and not take things too seriously while doing so. But more importantly, if you tell a joke in the forest, but nobody laughs, was it a joke?

Street Fighter 4 Podium

Not sure if that last answer was ripping on me or not, but whatevs - GA

Geoff Acers Friday, June 28, 2013