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We are proud to welcome Josh to the AM team.  He's been representing Razors for a long time now and always makes blading look ill.  He took a few minutes away from packing for his lastest adventure to Peru and answered a few questions to let us know more about this gypsy from Texas:
So what's going on with this whole Gypsy thing?
Basically.  Its a collection of good friends who share the same passions. Most of the times we are on tour with barely any money, but we always live good and take care of each other. You see, its a circle. Basically, Rich, Fred, Dom and myself spend alot of our lives on tour or touring. It all started in Sweden when Richie and Fred invited me to teach a kids camp. Once there, the magic happened. We titled that magic "the gypsy project."  We had such great feedback from the industry that we decided to keep the saga going.  I remember going to Latvia last season for the Ghetto games and some of the young bladers would approach me asking about the next yyypisy project!! Now we are constantly adding new Gypsies to the crew.  Each time we reunite we create something new AND include some new gypsies.  Wanna join?
So do you have a 'job'?
I do. But no traditional 9 to 5.  Im not about that life.  I rollerblade. Its my job a lot of the days. I also teach some Blade camps in different skate parks in around Europe/Sweden. When I'm in texas I work with my dad and brother doing concrete staining and epoxy flooring.  Its hard work but makes me appreciate and reminds me to be grateful for my opportunities in blading.  If work with them is slow I have a small group of clients I work for doing various filming/editing/photographic jobs.  Ez
How many languages do you speak?
Properly. I speak English and Spanish.  I am able to communicate and understand French thanks to living with my homie Maxxx! That being said, I can understand the norther French dialect a lot more than the southern! Its wild how different the 2 are!. Love hearing Polish, but can only speak a very small amount. Everywhere I go I make sure to learn the basics: hello, goodbye, thank you and of course the bad words! So I know a little Italian, Russian, Romania, Swedish, Danish.  Loved Norwegian language, sounds cool but I only know one word.. Danish is a fun accent to speak in!! Swedish sounds awesome too! All the scandinavian languages are rad to me. But honestly I have great friends who teach me well, I couldnt do it alone.
Any trips planned soon?
yep heading to a  New adventure into South America.  Im heading to Brazil, Peru and Chile for some big event! Im going on this tour with Iain (McLeod) and im super juiced to shred and kick it with him.  Also, juiced cause its cold and wintery in Texas and dope summer beach time in SA! Life's' a beach, I brought my sandals.
You seem to be pretty good at using both feet for grinds, what's up with that?
Too me, There is no such thing as "switch." its left foot, right foot.  That goes for riding fakie over both shoulders.  I've had some injuries that pushed me into learning both feet. Either don't skate or learn the other foot. Ez choice.
Latest and greatest food you are into?
Thai baby!  Thai is the only food that I do not prepare myself. But everything else I keep fresh. Fruits and veggies all day errryday. Ugly fruit, lots of Tea tea tea all day errryday.  Yerbata, club mate, bhakti chai, french cheese and nice bottle of Red wine for Bordeaux or Chinon region.

Who's your celebrity doppleganger?
 Im not sure what dopplerganger is but celebrities that I dig or who inspire me are Jim Morrison, Charlie Sheen, Johnny Depp, Tyler Shields, Alexander Broskow, Montre Livingston, Nils Janson, Frederick Andersson, Mirek Regan and Richie Eilser.
What's big in blading for 2013?
-Sic urethane wheels. Glow-in-the-dark Glowicki wheel is dropping soon. Amazing compound. Cheap price. Hope the Texas family will try them out cause they are the only wheels you'll ride after you try em!
-The gypsies. Were growing. Fast. So basically, Get wit it or get flown over.
-Hedonskate.  These dudes are the definition of people who are passionate about blading!  They are a family. they release New collections all the time.  All the runs are very limited production making them all super exclusive.  So get yours and support real shit.  Love the bladers fuck the haters...
-Duh and of course ROSKILDE!!!!!!!! Camp kill yourself 2013.  Montre will bring the flag again.  And well go steal a few more from rival camps.
-The Nils Janson invitational should be an epic weekend.
-Razors.  We ARE the sickest crew. I really love the team!  I have had the pleasure of traveling/staying with most of the euro team and everyone is sick! No weak links. Same goes with the American side of the team but I'm just not homies with them all but I enjoy their blading!  Fabio kills shit down in brazil, Carlos Lora in peru is THE man! I mean come on, we are THE team!
Verbal Daps?
Thanks to everyone out there.  We cant do any of this without you guy constantly motivating us and keeping us juiced.  We do this for you guys and we do this for blading.  Blading is growing so much all over the globe. Ive seen it.  Now we just have to help the kids stay motivated and show them how to be the proper next generation.

Check out Josh's team profile page HERE

Geoff Acers Friday, March 1, 2013