Josh Glowicki // In Between Fifthteen

Some choice spots i was blessed to find on my in-line skates this past year. 
I started my 2015 off living in Spain, in Malaga. 
Cat Life.
Beach life. 
80mm flat cruisers set up.
…i was saying that "i didn't want to to travel this year…" 
So in February we started filming this, i think we may of filmed a trick or two only, but it had started and we were juiced.  I was so happy to get to film with Michael Pedersen cause he is always fun to skate and chill with.  Super laid back, a Capital G.  
 Well, Life happened and i got the call that i was needed back in Texas.  So we postponed the edit.  I stayed up in Dallas for about 6 weeks before returning to meet Jonas, Montre, Fred, Rob G  Aritz , Mike, and Juani back home in Malaga to begin shooting "State of the Art."  After we laced that, all of us, The Boys left and Mike and i started to film again.  Before i knew it Barcelona City Missions BIGs invitation came thru and the filming was put on hold again.  Then it all hit the fan after BCN BIGS when i was need back in Texas.  Quickly all the free time Mike and I had to shoot in Malaga was gone and before i had known it had turned into another summer of the traveler, the wonderer,  the explorer, who i have become.   
I was straight booked from March- September.  Every 10/14 days on the move to a new city, new country, new language. In an endless string of Shows, Tours, GypsyCamps, Competitions and Nightly adventures with the coolest/rockstar/wizard people i call my homies.  Only a little filming for this edit was achieved during all the summer chaos, but i managed a few.  
So a few of these tricks come from the life on the road during the FISE tour filmed by Carson or Yuri, thank you boys.  
Shout out Sheldon Leponte, Shely D, for filming and taking dope photos of a lot of these tricks.  
A few ditties come from Nuremberg during a small Razors Tour. 
We even squeezed one in from during the Cayenne Project in Oslo 
but the majority came from Malaga after the summer ended at the end of August.  
i came back to Texas in September and my boy Deniz Baethke came to visit Dallas.  I filmed the last few jams with him and Fritz and we call it an edit.  
I can't say thank you enough to Razors for some of the support this year. As well as all the Campers from the Gypsy Camps  there in Scotland, Sweden, Belgium, Amsterdam and Germany!  Thank you boys, we'll be seeing you all soon… Summer is just around the corner, Gypsy camps in every corner, of the globe.  
The freshest gear provided by Hedonskate, and Shaped by the Cold.  Also my biggest thank you's to Sic Urethane who has supported me for years and are awesome to work with, i appreciate the continual love even though i have been ridding on 72mm's this year.    
The ninja pants came from a buddy who makes them in Peru.  Both pairs survived all year. Yo hit me up if you see this cause i cant find your email info! haha 
Many tricks in this edit were 1st try, they had to be, and a couple i had to really work for.  
Shout out to the Ground Control BIG frame 
Shout out Marco at Sunshine Europe 
Shout out MarcoMarco for the Razors + Nils Italy Tour
Shout out to Jara for the hospitality in Praha 
Also shout out to 016 skate park for always always holding it down for in line skating.  Fred and his Dad do so much for our community that most of you guys will never see.  My hats off to 016 for the exceptional job they all do running events, camps, the shop, just about anything that has to do with in line skating they do well. Shout of to Freddda my G i miss you bro be seeing you soon well keep this #gypsythang going! 
Big Big up's to my brother Aritz for showing me la vida malageño and teaching me something new every single day. Keep in pimpin'  Shout out to Mike for lacing this…. shout out to everyone who watched this!  love you all and hopefully see ya somewhere soon!  
Inspired by the sounds of Roskilde 2015
Song : Jungle - "Can't Get enough" 
Filmed/Editing by Michael Pedersen 
I hope you guys enjoy this ! 

Geoff Acers Wednesday, December 23, 2015