Jeph Howard talks Pro Skate talk

Here's a totally planned out 'interview' I did with Jeph regarding the release of his new skate, of which I am super proud of him, as a freind and an admirer of his skating.  He set out to get some shots of him and Minnesota blading legend, Jon Robinson, cruising his new boot and he captured some choice stuff.  Check it.

Jeph!  Congrats on the new blade, they look real nice.  Seems like everyone is stoked on them.
Yeah it's crazy how many people are telling me they are the best looking razor to come out! I am beyond hyped! A lot of people are telling me they are switching over to razors just because its my pro skate and how they look!
Couldn't ask for much more than that, I guess.  The boot is designed a bit differently than a usual Rzrs ...What was the inspiration behind the look of the skate?
I was really going for a canvas shoe. I didn't want white black or grey  but I didn't want anything to crazy either and I knew I wanted a soft top so the tan/grey came together almost too well. As for the symbol I wanted a traditional style tattoo anchor and the razors symbol just so happened to work out really well with it. Couldn't be happier!
Yeah, I totally agree with everyone, super nice looking blade.  I imagine you rolling around downtown with 80's synth blasting in your headphones, pointing at people and winking, thinking to yourself, 'yeah, this is my pro skate' ... do you do that, or at least envision it?
Haha yeah something like that. Random people have asked about what kind of skates they are. "What are those they look cool?" So people are noticing them. And yeah downtown with some cure blasting hollering!

Haha, I bet.  Heads from days back have been hitting me up to get a pair of these blades, you've got some heavy hitting supporters, including Jon Robinson, whom you've sent pictures of.  That must be quite a trip.
Yeah it's kinda unreal. The responses on facebook from the OG's is crazy! Jon has become a good homie and the moment he found out about my blade he was on it! So unreal watching a OG legend rocking my blade!

Jon still holds it down too, awesome seeing him skate still.  But what about your girl, she must be pretty impressed, I mean, a pro skate definitely ups anyone's social cred.
Yeah she is very proud of me! She is a great supporter of my blading. She posts all my edits and she posted up pictures of my blade and my skate box on all her social media stuff.  I'm a pretty modest person when it comes to my skating, so she helps with that part.

You've mentioned that you are gonna be dropping a team edit sometime in the near future, how's that shaping up?
Good, we are just getting things going with it and everyone is hyped on the idea and hyped on the blade so that always helps.  Everyone is on board.  I don't want it to be a release edit.  I want it to be a team section where my blade is the skate showcased. Something a lil differently then what was released in the past.
Hell yeah, I can dig it.  Thanks for the chat, I gotta get back to work.  Any VDs (verbal daps)?
Razors and the lady! Holler!

Check out Jeph's Boot right here -

Geoff Acers Thursday, July 25, 2013