Jeph Howard | Razors Pro

Razors is proud to welcome Jeph Howard to the Pro Team 2012. We’ve been associated with Jeph for 6+ years now, and if you ask me, it’s about damn time we made this decision. One of the most dedicated “grown” bladers I know, skating everyday, no matter the weather or work schedule.  Never knowing where or when, he keeps a generator, videographer and photographer on deck. Working full time, he fits in a session everyday before work… if you are looking for excuses not to skate, Jeph is not you’re man. Over the years that dedication has become more apparent and with continued praise from the pro team and other fellow bladers in the community, there was no place for Jeph to go but up.
Even though he is constantly submerged in blading, he says that he never gets tired of it. Jeph sees every chance to put on skates as a unique opportunity, something to never take for granted. Looking to stretch his legs a little further than MSP, we plan on traveling with Jeph a great deal in the future, hopefully absorbing some of that positivity and motivation. Great to have you on the team Jeph, here’s to a bright future. Cheers. 
His upcoming section in the new team video, COTF, might just be my favorite, as I'm sure, a few others as well. Always on the prowl for new and interesting terrain, not just looking for that next gap/rail/spin/gap combo, his skating continues to excite, never allowing himself to be pigeon-holed as a stunt/rail skater. He’s a chameleon, ever changing with his environment. You’d have to with a skating schedule like his. He’s got numerous projects in the works including and not limited to a few local projects, 2 new online edits, and helping with skate design.  All this and he still finds time to hit the ice for game a hockey once a week… Damn, it’s exhausting just thinking about this dude’s life.

Geoff Acers Thursday, November 1, 2012