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Ian Hendrie works for TKC, Razors Distributor for the UK.  He's been in the blade game for close to 20 years now, promoting blading from work and while out on the blades in the streets or at his local park.  Surrounded by an incredibly solid scene which includes, but isn't limited to, Chaz Sands, Scott Quinn, and Alex Burston, Ian has the pleasure of working and skating with the best in the game.  He also has a great insight into the importance of local shops and their impact on the scene....  Thanks for taking time to answer these questions Ian!  

Full Name?
Ian Hendrie
Age? 29
Skating Since? 1995
Hometown? Banbury, Oxfordshire, England

Top 5 personal moments in blading for you?
1. Watching Brain Fear Gone for the first time and realising that the whole video was an anagram of Aaron Feinberg. Literally the best marketing that has ever happened in aggressive skating, before the internet was really alive so no spoilers! Back then the VHS was your way to educate yourself on the scene. RIP VG… it was our bible.
2. Getting props for the first time in Unity Magazine by Rich Taylor while at the Unity & Razors boot camp in Newport Wales
3. Winning the Radlands Newcomer comp back in 1997
4. Working for Unity Magazine reviewing all the latest product and managing to get a pie review in a skate mag
5. 2008 – An amazing year for me, California with my best friends as well as Madrid and Barcelona. Filmed a lot of it then put the footage out for people to see and got a great response from people around the world when I had thought I’d fallen off. I guess it helped that Dom West and Sim Warren filmed a lot of it.

Up Back Royale in Birmingham 2004

Songs that get you hyped to blade?

Bill Withers – Do it Good
RJD2 – 1976
Nas & Damien Marley – Patience
Dilated Peoples – Proper Propaganda
Pete Rock & INI – Grown Man Sport

How important are local distributors/shops for the blading scene?
Local shops are getting more and more important as they lose sales to internet businesses. Please consider the value that you gain from visiting your local store, trying your skates on for fit and see in person the latest products. Create a scene around your local brick and mortar stores, they ARE important to maintain the scene within our sport. Consider the extra value you receive when dealing with someone face to face. Loco Skates is a great example of a store that is worth visiting, they have far more going on in store than you could ever envisage online. Don’t get hung up on “Skater Owned Stores”, go with the people that provide you the best service while in store… Being a skater doesn’t qualify you to run a business in the correct manner.

TruTop Soyale in Birmingham 2004

How important is involving younger skaters in blading to our future? 
Involving the youth in blading is essential to maintain our future. All of the Razors UK team are heavily involved in teaching novice skates (of all ages) how to blade. This increases their skills and gives the novices an understanding of their potential. It also encourages inclusion and friendship, one thing that all sports are really about, having fun with a common goal. We have created a Young Blood team consisting of Matty Lavelle, Brandon Young & Jack Mckell to support youngsters who are pushing our sport, these guys could potentially be the next Chaz Sands, Scott Quinn or Alex Burston’s of our scene.

6 random things on your desk at the office?
- Box of Fruit Gums
- 4 Tomatoes
- Game Theory
- Razors Sample ;)
- 2004 Razors UK Tour Poster (Dre, Brian & Mike Johnson)
- Signed Rollerblade Posters – Bruno Lowe, Franky Morales & Alex Broskow

Backside Backslide 2012

Words of advice to any of those looking to open up a blade shop?

Before venturing into blade sales you should ask yourself some serious questions: How you are going to differentiate yourself from your competitors!? Why would someone buy from you rather than elsewhere? What will you add to the industry? Do you have enough local trade to do well, or can you create that trade? If you are going to create a scene how will you do this? Considering opening a store is a serious venture and creating a serious business model is essential before jumping in. Always understand that your friends are also customers, not everyone can get things for free!

Geoff Acers Wednesday, February 20, 2013