Deniz Baethke | Razors Germany AM Rider

Introducing one of the latest riders on the Razors Germany roster, Deniz Baethke. I got a chance to meet him last week, and I have to say his skating is definitely a reflection of his personality.  A straight-forward, calculated yet relaxed dude with a fine beard.  This is the last of his A6 clips, he is currently working on a new project featuring the SL2.
Deniz: "All clips were filmed with the Aragon 6 skate in 6 weeks. Filmed in Germany and the Netherlands. Big thanks goes to Razors and Andy Wegener for putting me in the Razors Team Germany." 
Editing: Philipp Czaika 
Song: Joy Division - Interzone 
Filmers: Philipp Czaika, Daniel Laufs, Maik Lojewski, Dario Soller, Andrey Kachaev, Sebastian Hofer

Geoff Acers Wednesday, September 17, 2014