Choppin' it up with Ryan Timms | North Carolina

Ryan has been holding down the NC scene for sometime now.  Integrating his own individual skill and style with an innovative look at his local obstacles, Ryan definitely stands out as a blader of his own.  He's got a solid crew, including the likes of Briggs, that obvously motivates and inspires his skating.  I don't really know him too well, so I'd thought I'd trow him a few questions to see what this curly haired, borderline ginger is all about.

Full Name?
Ryan Timms
21/m/Raleigh NC
5 panel or bucket hats?
Neither, never been a hat man. works for some people, but not for this mop top. 
Did you fall into that fountain?  If so, did you get any of that water in your mouth?
Fell in the fountain when trying a soul grind warming up, but somehow I avoided it on all back unity attempts. None got in my mouth, but at the end we all stuck our heads in the fountain to cool off haha.
Who’s the dude behind the lens?
My good buddy Walker Anderson. Super talented behind the lens dude really knows what he is doing.
Any future projects you are working on?
Nothing super specific at this time, two things in the works. Planning to make a full Pretend that We're Dead profile with Michael Briggs once it cools off a bit. Also been having talks with some of the NC dudes about making a second I Don't Carolina vid. Not completely sure the direction we want to take it yet, but we have started getting a couple of clips. Usually Fall is suuuuper productive for all of us, weather is perfect and we travel a shit ton to awesome places and film some rad shit.
What do you do when you aren’t strapped into your rolling boots?
I am currently working on finishing up my degree, one more year here in school. I work currently at a Real Estate company shooting pictures and videos of houses they have for sale to pay the bills. Really chill job, love working behind the camera that's a huge passion of mine.

Sup with those wrist guards?
Haha, back when I was like 17/18 I managed to break both of my wrists in the same year, My left wrist once, right hand and right wrist once. First one to go was right hand, fucked up the tendons and had some weird stuff going on, was in a cast for a bit. Got out the cast and like 2 months later broke my left one pretty bad. During my time of healing on my left wrist, Right one started feeling better, so I only wore the left wrist guard for a bit. Went on a trip to a park like 4 hrs away, got there and 30 minutes in snapped my right wrist super bad. Was really jacked, had to spend all day in the hospital had to get surgery the whole deal. Now even with the super wrist guards on, even falling on them a tiny bit hurts like hell. My right hand is REALLY bad, will probably never be the same, and its super weak. Everyone says I have baby wrists cause I cant take much on them anymore haha, so the guards are just for protection and hopes that nothing super shitty happens to them again.
Would you rather fight Anderson Silva or a bear with sharks for arms?
Bear with sharks for arms because then no matter what my fight will forever be remembered. Silva will probably just kick my ass like all the other dudes in the ring and move on hahah.
It’s pretty hot in the Carolinas I hear…so if you were robbing a bank, it would probably be better to wear pantyhose on your head rather than a baklava to conceal your identity.  Do you have any thoughts on this?
The summers here are fucking brutal, really humid, not much gets done. If I were to rob a bank I would go with the pantyhose for sure, and save the baklava for a victory snack. Rzrs4Life

Thanks for taking the time to humor me Ryan.  And I appreciate the pics!  Keep up the good work.

Geoff Acers Thursday, July 25, 2013