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It has been a crazy year for Scott Quinn. The startlingly progressive Scottish blader was promoted to the Razors pro team, which tops an impressive list of sponsors that include Ground Control, Unit 23 Skatepark and RollKings, and apparently that collection is about to improve as he is currently involved in a new project that will be revealed later this year. He also produced an impressive split section in the latest Razors team video Children Of The Future and a full profile in the recently released RollKings team DVD. The skate instructor took time out from educating the future generation of kilted bladers to place third in the professional division at this year’s Laced at Rampworx in Liverpool, and put in a solid performance at Winterclash 2013. He may not have performed to his impossibly high standards (according to him) in Eindhoven, but he still enjoyed the experience and was humbled to receive praise from fellow professionals and blade fans alike.

“The atmosphere was amazing,” he begins. “The kids were really cool – asking me to sign their stuff and take pictures – which was sick. Even though I didn’t skate as good as I wanted, I was approached by a lot of people after my heat saying I skated well, which was good to hear, especially when it’s people that I admire for their blading.”

Apparently Laced and Winterclash are just the tip of the iceberg for Quinn, as 2013 will see the Dumbarton local travel throughout Europe, and possibly beyond, to attend as many competitions as possible and represent his country on an international scale. “I plan on going to The Pony Cup, FISE and The Ghetto Games in Latvia, which I missed last year but it is such a sick place. I’m sure there will be more. I will try to attend as much as I can.”

Back home in Scotland, Quinn literally lives at Unit 23 Skatepark in Dumbarton with a selection of lively characters that purchased a tattoo gun last year. Since then, some bizarre and downright terrible artwork has appeared on the skin on many visitors to the park, including Razors pro Alex Burston. However, one individual got screwed over a little more than the rest.

Discussing one of his funniest memories from living in Scotland’s best indoor facility, Quinn recounts: “It has to be a night of drunken tattoos in my room and Geordie boy Dave Summertime decides he wants “DINO” tattooed on his ass, but with Murfy behind the gun, and being such a food friend, decided to tattoo the word “DICK” with a nice little arrow to pointing you in the right direction. Luckily Dave has a good sense of humour and the tattoo is starting to fade away! Other than that, every day living with Jason Phelan and Kriss Kyle is never a dull moment. Check out for more details.”

In-between hopping on planes and living a semi-nomadic lifestyle, Quinn hopes to capture as much street footage as possible and promote his sponsors through various online edits and video sections. When asked what he is currently working on, he advised: “Not anything in particular, but trying to film as much street as I can right now, which I’m sure will be used for something shortly.” We can confirm that this is a little white lie, as Quinny is actually about to start work on his Wheel Scene online profile with Scottish videographer Andy Mills, which will hopefully be released before the summer.

Photo: Mathieu Hennebert

andy Tuesday, February 19, 2013