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Boris Gaisner works for Roller Club, the Razors Distributor in Moscow, Russia.  If you haven't heard of him yet, you will.  He is super involved in the industry and does loads to promote blading in and out of work.  Boris is host to many international bladers, plans contests and sessions in around his hometown, and is always out on his blades.  I never really have time to get into anything other conversations other than 'do you want to add this to your order' or 'how do you want that shipped' with our distributors, so I thought I'd throw a few questions out, and see what I could fish out of 'em.... I even got a few pics!  Check it out...

Full Name?
Boris Alexander Gaisner
Age? 25 years young
Skating Since? aggro 2003 / inline 1994
Hometown? Moscow

Top 5 personal moments in blading for you?
You know it's hard to judge moments, but here are some:
1. Getting my first aggressive skates from parents and doing my first Soul to Fakie on a curb.
2. Filming my neighboorhood friends skating some hubba on the camera for the first time.
3. Meeting Andrey Zaytsev, who came to me at the "Adrenaline" skatepark when I was a kid, shook my hand and said "yo what's up?"
4. Getting hooked with Create OG directly from Billy Fish O'neill was the biggest grom-moment for sure.
5. Latest ISPO/BACKYARD/Winterclash trip with my girl Tanya, Baschno Rose, Conor Manweiler, Dre Powell, Korey "Sneaky" Waikiki, Xavier the French, Gino Dangers and other dudes was THE BOMB, it was the best time on the road in a long time, dude!
6. going from Ukraine to Russia couple years ago together with Lomax, Zaytsev, Tipikin and plenty other guys on the minivan - amazing trip too!

Switch Top Acid - Pic by Semyon Aleschenko

Songs that get you hyped to blade?
Желтая Ветка - Трюки, Полумягкие - На Четверых
Triple 6 Mafia - Don't Be Scared
Amon Tobin - Cat People
all the Proud Kill stuff(Vladimir Prudkiy, my friend, MC and rider of Razors/GC in Ukraine)

How important are local distributors/shops for the blading scene?
Kids, listen and learn from ya boy Boris who was in the game long enough to say fo real: go skate every day and support your local skatescene and most important the skate-shop or people who invest time and money and make all the contests and whatever happen in your area. You have to help your local community and skateshop grow.  The rollerblading market is far from the most productive kind of business so you have to respect people who do it for the love of the sport.  If you think that owners of big shops or brands are driving Maybachs and poppin' bottles, then believe me: you don't see the big real picture - we are strugglin', actually.

Zero Back Royale to Fakie - Pic by Semyon Aleschenko

How important is involving younger skaters in blading to our future?

Basically, the most important achievement anyone can get.  When I walk in the streets with my skates - I'm proud of it, I show 'em to kids who have rec.skates and say "Ayo son, step your game up, go get some BLADES instead of this fsk stuff you have on your feet!"

5 random things on your desk at the office?
- Big jewish matryoshka
- some free candy from my winterclash trip
- big plastic container where I put used daily contact lenses, I'm collecting those things since January LOL
- CLAC Magazine with Remy Meister that I got on ISPO

Fishbrain to Fakie - Pic by Semyon Aleschenko

Words of advice to any of those looking to open up a blade shop?

Don't run for  the money, learn the roots and the figures of your scene, establish a distribution to back up your skateshop especially in hard times of low retail sales(winter), don't be cheap when it comes to filming equipment(you must have your media production to be successfull), prepare for all the skating events way beforehand(write to foreign pro's at least 2-3 months before the thing) and last but not least: always write down your business thoughts and all the fresh ideas, get yourself a nice little moleskin... Good luck and remember - opening the skateshop will not bring you millions, instead it will make you nervous and it will slowly suck all your blood. And you know what?? I EFFIN' LOVE IT!

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions Boris!  Hoping to run into sometime in the future. - GA

Geoff Acers Wednesday, February 13, 2013