Aritz Ortega - Magma Interview & Leftovers Edit

Aritz Ortega, the new Spanish sensation, is an overall skater, solid, stilish and flawless. He was the champion of the Spanish Rollerblading League 2012, aswell as the Best Pro Spanish Rider of 2012 both by Magma News Portal and the Action Awards, the most important Freestyle Sports awards in Spain. He is on fire, and now he has been interviewed by Magma to see what's going on in his life and his plans for this year. 
Check it out and enjoy!
Edited by Jesus Caravaca.
Filmed by Thomz Negrat, Angel de la Iglesia e Ilargi Llutxo.
Music by Michal Menert - The Golden Rule

Ferdy Monday, June 24, 2013