Josh Glowicki

Birthday 5/27/1985
Location McKinney, TX
Riding since 1993
Riding style Street
Sponsors Razors, Hedonskate, sic urethane
Setup A5, heat molded Jug liners, GCXS Frames, JGlow Sic Wheels, Them Goods bearings
Fav. tricks Sess slides, Unities, fishes, fakie 5s. Cork 9. Anything Illusion. Anything transition. Wooden Skateparks.
Hobbies filming, editing, photography, swimming, Yoga, meditation, crystal studies, crystal therapy, reading, globe trotting, chasing ladies, breaking bottles for the hell of it ( thank you nils) attending Roskilde festival, making music in garageband.
History Josh got his first skates in 93, played a little hockey, then transitioned into 'aggressive' skating around 1996 after he and his older brother saw Arlo on MTV. During those glory days, he idolized icons Louis Zamora and Randy Spizer, says he still does. Josh says he takes his original style and swag directly from those 2, so much so that he tries to make every 'thatgrab' over a set of stairs look just like Louie, and he'll throw out the occasional high pitched 'EEEK!' when he takes a spill just like old Roadhouse. But if I could point out my favorite feature Josh has acquired from the masters of blade, it would have to be his open mind and ability to mix in with any crowd. He's never one to shy away from a situation or to second (maybe triple) guess a dangerous maneuver. It is for these and many other reasons that I am excited to announce Josh Glowicki to the Razors AM Team 2013.