Razors @ BCSD XIII

Featuring supporters, flows, AMs, and Pros. We thank Daniel Kinney for hosting this competition over the last 13 years, and wish him the best with whatever his future brings. Many amazing memories from these comps, BCSD will be missed.

Props to Roman Abrate for taking home the 2nd place trophy and Wake Schepman for coming in 3rd! dat hurricane top acid :0

Filming and Editing: Stefan Brandow
Additional angles: Sam DeAngelis
Song: Gramatik - Still Here

Geoff Acers Wednesday, February 27, 2013

  • USA Pro Team
  • Derek Henderson

    Fresno, CA

  • Korey Waikiki

    Pittsburg, CA

  • Jeph Howard

    Portland, OR

  • USA AM Team
  • Swedish Pro Team
  • Stefanie Midhammer

    Linkoping, Sweden

  • Fredrik Andersson

    Eskilstuna, Sweden

  • UK Pro
  • Scott Quinn

    Glasgow Scotland

  • Alex Burston

    Manchester, UK

  • UK Am
  • Rosie O'Donoghue

    North Ayrshire Scotland

  • Jenna Downing


  • Ukraine
  • Dmitriy Shuganov

    Minsk, Belarus